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For Always, the perfect wedding paper!

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FINALLY, I can announce paper packs…I’ll be focusing on one paper pack each month…this is For Always…a perfect paper for your wedding with it’s black and white theme, scripts, damasks and laces!!! The stamps will be used again and again as they are also classics! If you like this packet, don’t forget, you can purchase it here:

always layout
Materials used:
Paper: WSOTG Always (g1055), White Daisy Cardstock (1385), Black & Grey Glitter Paper (z1829)
Stamps: The Happy Couple Stamp Set (d1539), Love Doily Stamp Set (b1418), Stitched Together Stamp Set (c1459), Hello Tweety Stamp Set (b1420)
Embellishments: Neutral Assortment (z1701), Filigree Charms Assortment (z1269), Washi tape (z1817), 6”x6” Memory Protectors Flip Flaps (z1726), Black & Grey Sparkles (z1754)
Inks: Black Ink Pad (z2105), Slate Ink Pad (z2173), Whisper Ink Pad (z2172), White Daisy Ink Pad (z2163), Lagoon Ink Pad (z2195), Honey Ink Pad (z2162), Cranberry Ink Pad (z2116)
Sparkle: Red Glitz Glitter Gel (z1771), Prisma Glitter (z134) (mixed with white embossing powder)
Embossing Powder: Black embossing powder (z670), Silver embossing powder (z669), White Daisy embossing powder (z673)
Cricut Artiste Collection (z1790)

For the layout, cut the following:

paper cuts: 2 – 1” x 12” chevron, 2 – ½” x 12” lagoon, 2 – ½” x 12” black glitter, 1 – 6” x 6” white daisy (stamp directions below), 1 – 8” x 6” white daisy (stamp directions below), 2 – 1 ¾” circle, stamp in honey with rose stamp, 1 – 2” x 6” newsprint
Cricut cuts:In ruby: Cut 1 p.61 (z), shift, accent 4, 2 ½”, cut 2 p.66 (n), shift, accent 1, 2 ¾”, black emboss with fancy heart stamp
in white daisy: cut 1 p.61 (z), accent 4, 2 ¼” – silver emboss bride & groom stamp, cut 1 p.64 (v), shift, accent 4, ½” – stamp in ruby here’s the story stamp, cut 1 p. 51 (a), shift, accent 2, 1 ½” – stamp with stitched together heart in black, cut 1 p.72 (Happy Valentines Day), shift, accent 2 1 ¾” fold and use as background for stitched together heart
in black damask: cut 2 p. 66 (n), shift, accent 3 1” high, use on layout as shown, cut 2 p. 66 (n) shift, accent 3 ½” high, fold and place behind fancy black embossed heart towards center of layouts, cut 2 p.66, shift, accent 1 3” use as background for ruby heart stamped fancy emboss

For background pages:Place chevron, lagoon and black glitter strips on the outside edges of your layout, Stamp with slate ink, the love doily medallion randomly on the slate pages

For 6”x 6” paper:Stamp with whisper ink, the stitched together border on the 6” x 6” white daisy paper at the bottom. Then stamp the bride and groom from happy couple in black, in the right hand corner, use stamp 3 times in a row (backwards) to create the fading impressions. Clean the love doily medallion stamp and stamp above this in whisper.

For 8” x 6” paper:Stamp with slate ink around edges using the xoxo stamp from the wsotg stamp set. Start in one corner, use a scrap paper underneath and work your way around clockwise. You will have overlap in one corner. This will be covered by the rose stamp or the heart pendants.
Emboss cake stamps & ribbon stamp on White Daisy with silver, cut out and glue to bottom corner of layout.

Stamp rose on white daisy circles in honey ink.
Stamp rose leaf on white daisy in lagoon and cut out.

For cards:
1 – 3”x3” white daisy, 1 – 8 ½” x 5 ½” white daisy, 1 – 3”x3” in newsprint,1 – 1 ½” x 10” in black damask
Cricut cuts:In black damask: p. 42 (w), shift, card 7”, p. 51 (a), accent 2 2” black damask use out ring as background for you and me stamp
in daisy White: p.42 (w), card 7”,p. 51 (a), shift, accent 2 1 ½” stamp ruby with you and me heart stamp
p. 61 (z), shift, 3d object, 5” stamp ruby with pendant stamp
For 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card
Fold 8 ½” x 5 ½” white daisy in half
Stamp border, ticket and sentiment in Black, stamp heart, rose and pendant in cranberry, stamp leaves and “you’re the best” in lagoon. Add black sparkles on cover as required.
For 3” x 3” card
Stamp butterfly stamp in lagoon at an angle across newprint
Then stamp celebrate love in cranberry from love doily stamp
Inside stamp congratulations in cranberry, birds in lagoon, sentiment in black and flowers in honey. Color flowers as desired. You may want to stamp them in lagoon or a green instead and color in flowers. Another idea (which I had after they were all done!), would be to use sticky notes to create a “path” of flowers using the flower bouquet stamp. Making it wider under the sentiment and narrower towards the corner of the card…just a thought.
For the 5” x 7” card cut out on the cricut
Glue the white inside the damask cut out.
On the white inside Stamp the doily medallion in whisper, cut in half.
Stamp the chain stamp from Tweety stamp as “legs” for the table cloth (doily). Cut out the doily stamp and glue on top of “legs”.
Emboss in white daisy with prisma glitter mixed in the cake parts as shown on ruby, honey and lagoon paper. Cut out each cake layer and glue onto “table cloth”.
Stamp in cranberry the candle from the Artiste birthday stamps.


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