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Scrapbooking Made SUPER EASY!

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Wow!!Did you all survive Thanksgiving?  I had a very blessed day with close family and friends.  I haven’t scrapbooked it yet, but I will soon.  You KNOW I already have the layout ready since some of you have the same layout – thank you for purchasing my kit!

Now, on to Studio J…the easiest way to scrapbook ever – the longest part is waiting for your pictures to load.  I figured from now on I will scrapbook most family events on Studio J, because when you purchase the layout, Studio J also sends you a large image to share (or print at home to 8”x8”) and a smaller image to post on web pages.

I started out just playing with my garden layouts…something I wasn’t going to be upset if it didn’t turn out well…well, here’s another hint…make sure you READ your journaling, not just spell check it…apparently spell check has never heard of hellebores flowers, so my layout will forever say hellbores (whatever the heck that is, right?).  Anyway, that layout went together so fast and was so much fun, I decided to do another.

This time it was my Dad’s old office…I really didn’t have the right paper for it and there it was on Studio J, so I picked the paper I wanted, then picked the layout I liked (Based on the number of pictures I wanted to use!!), then I dropped and dragged my photos, added some embellishments and journaling (you can actually swap picture blocks with journaling blocks and visa versa), added color to the existing embellishments and voila…added to my cart!  Here’s what that one looked like.

So I had to try some more:

The next one was my camping trip…I DID leave the names off and will add those at home because I knew I would want to share this with others…I love the embellishments with this paper pack…this is Florentine again…the same paper I used to create the fall mini album…love this paper!  Anyway, they have quotes and tags, so I used a few of those…and the birds on the second layout.  I added those too…very fun…and my camping buddies can have their own album if they want because I will share the jpeg sent to me by Studio J upon purchase of the printed page.

The final one is my favorite.  Not only is Halloween just a fun theme, but it was done the NEXT day…how often does THAT happen with your scrapbooking?  I think I’m getting better at it, what do you think?

If you’d like to give studio J a try, you can access it here:

www.overhobbied.ctmh.com then click the Studio J tab, create an account (so they can save your work for 90 days.  If you order, they save those layouts for a full year.).  Can’t wait to see the printed version…or can I…what will I do with all my scrapbook paper if they are AWESOME?!?!?



Author: overhobbied

avid crafter...dollhouse miniatures, polymer clay, canvases, scrapbooking, card making, beading and photography...I love them all!

One thought on “Scrapbooking Made SUPER EASY!

  1. Here’s a great tutorial on using Studio J…after creating all the above layouts, I STILL learned a lot from this video!

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