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Pam Junk Pumpkin House treasure

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Halloween is HUGE at my house.  And I wanted a special centerpiece.  While attending the NAME 2012 National Yard Sale, I found this pumpkin house, already put together with windows, door and yard.  It even had directions included (dated 1991) and is apparently a prototype of a Pam Junk ( http://home.comcast.net/~junksminis/quarter/quarter.html  ) project from many years ago.  It inpsired me! 

I, of course, did NOT follow the directions but went off on my own, using various “found” treasures from my crafting closet.  The jack-o’latern, black cat, frog and purple monster (in another photo) were all painted by me in 1994…go figure…they finally have a home.   I bought the ribbon around the base years ago too just knowing it had a purpose in all my Halloween decor!

Inside I built my own table from a piece of slate and beads.  This made the perfect spot for Janet Smith’s (Desert Minis, Inc. http://desert-minis.com ) spider cake round table kit.  I also included a bed from friend Peggy Fowler (Fowler Creations http://s227.photobucket.com/albums/dd3/PLJRFOWLER/ ) and a chair from Debbie Young (Young at Heart Miniatures http://www.youngatheartminiatures.com/ ), which I covered in black flock and paint for a very shabby chair!  I kitbashed the round table kits byLeanne Kirsch ( http:leannesminiatures.weebly.com ).  My husband drilled the center of the lampshade and I ran a nano light from Evan Designs ( http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/ledlights1.html ) into it, wrapping the wire and painting the whole thing black with a sharpie marker.  I also used the very cute pumpkin shelf round table from Babette-Overman.

This is the back view.  I used the nice stump (from the 70’s…remember they came with little plastic animals or something).  I repainted it a bit, and stuck my battery pack in there.  The mouse came from a Christmas shop also many years ago and is waxed into place so that I can replace the battery at some point if needed.

Thank you everyone again for such a wonderful National Convention in 2012, I SOOO wish I could make it to Tuscon in 2013…Night Time In the Museum…that is going to be sooo much fun!!!


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avid crafter...dollhouse miniatures, polymer clay, canvases, scrapbooking, card making, beading and photography...I love them all!

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