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National NAME Day (National Association of Miniature Enthusiast)

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NAME Day Alcoves

What wonderful projects did you complete this weekend?  I am just finishing my beautiful 1″ alcove project from NAME day yesterday.  Many of you may not know about NAME stands for the National Association of Miniature Enthusiast.  NAME’s purpose is as follows:

“The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) is a non-profit, educational organization whose purpose is to promote miniatures as a distinct art form, to provide education forums on their construction, historical significance and intrinsic value, to preserve unique collections in a miniature museum open to the public (located in Carmel, IN),  and  to maintain a mutually beneficial network of collectors, crafters, and artisans.” 

You can find out more about NAME at: miniatures.org

NAME day evolved from our desire to share with members everywhere, a special project and a special gathering.  And special it is!  This is the third year of celebrating NAME day.  The first year we built a hutch.  Last year we built a butcher block work table.  This year we buult an alcove…and I shopped…we ate lunch…and I shopped some more… I also built another alcove.  I signed up for all 3 kits offered in Greenwood, SC. I was able to build the 1/2″ and the 1/4″ while I was there (even with all the talking, eating and shopping…actually, I think it was all the sugar that prompted all the shopping, that and this beautiful little house:

Another Project to Finish!


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avid crafter...dollhouse miniatures, polymer clay, canvases, scrapbooking, card making, beading and photography...I love them all!

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