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From the NAME Garage Sale – Treasures!

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I have so much to share with you!!! 

What a great time I’ve had this past month, attending both the NAME Miniature Convention and the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention, both in Charlotte, just a short jaunt from my house!  It’s taken awhile to sort through things and get projects in order.  The first thing I want to share with you is my favorite garage sale items I found at NAME:

 The first one cost $1 and I admit, I bought it for the windows and doors alone, but when I got to my room, the better lighting revealed an entire bakery with office and restroom above…how delightful!  Now, I ask you, HOW can I disassemble this little shop?  And what spurred this inspired bakery inside a jiffy muffin box? Later, as I was browsing some of the older magazines from the same yard sale, I noticed an advertisement for Grandt Line Marketville, USA kits, apparently in 2000 kits were available to create not only bakeries from Jiffy Muffin Mix boxes but also fire stations in Matchboxes, Pet Shops in Dog Biscuit boxes, etc…so sad to miss out on this collection!

 While these kits are no longer available, new kits are available and I found the link here:


 My second favorite find from the garage sale is a pumpkin house prototype developed by Pam Junk for her “Big Sis Vi” to review and finish.  Included with the scene is a letter from Pam to her “Big Sis Vi” along with pictures of her own prototype, dated 1991.  How exciting!  Halloween is a big deal at my house, in my neighborhood…so I look forward to finishing this in time for my cousins to see!!


Author: overhobbied

avid crafter...dollhouse miniatures, polymer clay, canvases, scrapbooking, card making, beading and photography...I love them all!

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