so much sparkly, so little time!

Hello world!

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Hello out there!  Welcome to OVERHOBBIED! 

That’s me…surely someone else out there suffers the same illness?  I can’t help it…I’m overwhelmed by ADOS…attention deficit…oh…sparkly!  Ask my husband…he’s FINALLY adjusted to my limited attention span around bright colorful papers, flowers, birds, threads, fabrics, beads, glitters, metals, bugs and people! 

So what hobbies are we going to visit here?  Scrapbooking, card making, mixed media canvases, and  dollhouse miniatures (1″ scale and 1/4″ scale mostly), maybe a little jewelry making and sewing as well…I just can’t sit still…so grab a chair and hang on…I’ll start by doing a variety of posts on projects past. 

Oh, did I mention I like to cook and have been playing with a little canning as well…yeah, welcome to my world…everything sparkles here!


Author: overhobbied

avid crafter...dollhouse miniatures, polymer clay, canvases, scrapbooking, card making, beading and photography...I love them all!

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