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It’s about TIME!

It’s about time I got back to you and to my creative passion.  Here’s a simple project I love, special thanks to Mini BAGS miniature club and bead shop for the inspiration! 

First you begin with an old fashioned glance-at-the-wall-and-know-time clock The clock I choose is a simple $4 dollar store clock in neon rainbow colors.  I removed the bright silver hands and inked them with black staz-on ink.  I measured the clock diameter and cut a circle to fit with my cricut machine.  I should have cut another circle in the center of that circle for the hands.  Instead I punched a hole with scissors and used an “O” from a scrapbook alphabet set to cover the rough edges.  If you don’t have a cricut, you could use a protractor or a dinner plates, sanding the edges once the paper is adhered. 

After the glue dries, add a few stickers, maybe a special photograph and put the hands back on. Voila…your very own perosnalized time piece.  Just remember: don’t put anything on the face of the clock that will interfere with the hand movement of the clock.


Happy Creating!



An Easter Surprise!

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I admit it. I ran away last month. For all the girly-foofoo you see me do, another equally important part of me craves woodlands and wilderness, but now I’m back, relaxed and ready to share once more.

Speaking of sharing, my wonderful friend Peggy Fowler sent me the most wonderful Easter surprise: carrot furniture for my 24 carrot bank – another one of my adopted dollhouse finds.
I arrived home one Friday to find a letter from Peggy and inside a most fabulous kit! I immediately sat down with my alcohol markers and stained my pieces then assembled them. I’ve since learned that you can deepen the color by coloring over the area more than once. If you’ve never heard of alcohol markers, they usually go by the brand name Copics. Lots of companies now ride the bandwagon and produce their own alcohol markers, Close to My Heart being one of them.


I’ll probably finish my bunny bank next year sometime, right now I am working on swaps for the Quarter Connection Convention and planning a mini house party at my house for the NAME Gazette Convention. I’m also trying to plan a state day…so any suggestions would be appreciated!

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about Peggy’s designs, click here: http://s227.photobucket.com/user/PLJRFOWLER/library/#/user/PLJRFOWLER/library/?sort=3&page=0&_suid=1368224564151013273034705861958

If you’d like to try out the alcohol markers, click here:

If you’d like to know more about using the alcohol markers, click here:

If you’d like to know more about Quarter Connection, click here:

If you’d like to know more about NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts), click here: http://miniatures.org

If you’d like to suggest new miniature projects, please comment on this post.

Happy Mini Making!

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8 Reasons to LOVE Quarter Scale Dollhouse Miniatures

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Why I love Quarter Scale Dollhouse Miniatures:
1) An entire house will fit in your hands, which means an entire street will fit across your mantle or any convenient shelf.

2) An entire room can fit into any theme related container, such as this class I took with Suzanne and Andrews Miniatures at NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiast) National Convention last July.

or this workshop by Peggy Fowler my miniature club did last summer

3) You can pack everything you need to build quarter scale kits (including the kit) into a pencil box for easy portability.
4) Small is cute, and smaller still is proportionally more amazing, right?
5) A quarter scale project makes a nice table centerpiece for themed meals.
6) Wiring with led lights and watch batteries is a cinch with a little planning, like the birthday box above.
7) Quilling paper makes great molding, which means scissors are all you need to cut trim!
8) This should be FIRST on the list really: You can store a LOT MORE unfinished kits in a lot less space.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with the National Association of Miniature Enthusiast, check them out. With the new on-line group, on-line auctions, great magazine, fabulous conventions and new this year, on-line conventions…it’s a great way to meet like-minded people!

For Always, the perfect wedding paper!

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FINALLY, I can announce paper packs…I’ll be focusing on one paper pack each month…this is For Always…a perfect paper for your wedding with it’s black and white theme, scripts, damasks and laces!!! The stamps will be used again and again as they are also classics! If you like this packet, don’t forget, you can purchase it here:

always layout
Materials used:
Paper: WSOTG Always (g1055), White Daisy Cardstock (1385), Black & Grey Glitter Paper (z1829)
Stamps: The Happy Couple Stamp Set (d1539), Love Doily Stamp Set (b1418), Stitched Together Stamp Set (c1459), Hello Tweety Stamp Set (b1420)
Embellishments: Neutral Assortment (z1701), Filigree Charms Assortment (z1269), Washi tape (z1817), 6”x6” Memory Protectors Flip Flaps (z1726), Black & Grey Sparkles (z1754)
Inks: Black Ink Pad (z2105), Slate Ink Pad (z2173), Whisper Ink Pad (z2172), White Daisy Ink Pad (z2163), Lagoon Ink Pad (z2195), Honey Ink Pad (z2162), Cranberry Ink Pad (z2116)
Sparkle: Red Glitz Glitter Gel (z1771), Prisma Glitter (z134) (mixed with white embossing powder)
Embossing Powder: Black embossing powder (z670), Silver embossing powder (z669), White Daisy embossing powder (z673)
Cricut Artiste Collection (z1790)

For the layout, cut the following:

paper cuts: 2 – 1” x 12” chevron, 2 – ½” x 12” lagoon, 2 – ½” x 12” black glitter, 1 – 6” x 6” white daisy (stamp directions below), 1 – 8” x 6” white daisy (stamp directions below), 2 – 1 ¾” circle, stamp in honey with rose stamp, 1 – 2” x 6” newsprint
Cricut cuts:In ruby: Cut 1 p.61 (z), shift, accent 4, 2 ½”, cut 2 p.66 (n), shift, accent 1, 2 ¾”, black emboss with fancy heart stamp
in white daisy: cut 1 p.61 (z), accent 4, 2 ¼” – silver emboss bride & groom stamp, cut 1 p.64 (v), shift, accent 4, ½” – stamp in ruby here’s the story stamp, cut 1 p. 51 (a), shift, accent 2, 1 ½” – stamp with stitched together heart in black, cut 1 p.72 (Happy Valentines Day), shift, accent 2 1 ¾” fold and use as background for stitched together heart
in black damask: cut 2 p. 66 (n), shift, accent 3 1” high, use on layout as shown, cut 2 p. 66 (n) shift, accent 3 ½” high, fold and place behind fancy black embossed heart towards center of layouts, cut 2 p.66, shift, accent 1 3” use as background for ruby heart stamped fancy emboss

For background pages:Place chevron, lagoon and black glitter strips on the outside edges of your layout, Stamp with slate ink, the love doily medallion randomly on the slate pages

For 6”x 6” paper:Stamp with whisper ink, the stitched together border on the 6” x 6” white daisy paper at the bottom. Then stamp the bride and groom from happy couple in black, in the right hand corner, use stamp 3 times in a row (backwards) to create the fading impressions. Clean the love doily medallion stamp and stamp above this in whisper.

For 8” x 6” paper:Stamp with slate ink around edges using the xoxo stamp from the wsotg stamp set. Start in one corner, use a scrap paper underneath and work your way around clockwise. You will have overlap in one corner. This will be covered by the rose stamp or the heart pendants.
Emboss cake stamps & ribbon stamp on White Daisy with silver, cut out and glue to bottom corner of layout.

Stamp rose on white daisy circles in honey ink.
Stamp rose leaf on white daisy in lagoon and cut out.

For cards:
1 – 3”x3” white daisy, 1 – 8 ½” x 5 ½” white daisy, 1 – 3”x3” in newsprint,1 – 1 ½” x 10” in black damask
Cricut cuts:In black damask: p. 42 (w), shift, card 7”, p. 51 (a), accent 2 2” black damask use out ring as background for you and me stamp
in daisy White: p.42 (w), card 7”,p. 51 (a), shift, accent 2 1 ½” stamp ruby with you and me heart stamp
p. 61 (z), shift, 3d object, 5” stamp ruby with pendant stamp
For 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card
Fold 8 ½” x 5 ½” white daisy in half
Stamp border, ticket and sentiment in Black, stamp heart, rose and pendant in cranberry, stamp leaves and “you’re the best” in lagoon. Add black sparkles on cover as required.
For 3” x 3” card
Stamp butterfly stamp in lagoon at an angle across newprint
Then stamp celebrate love in cranberry from love doily stamp
Inside stamp congratulations in cranberry, birds in lagoon, sentiment in black and flowers in honey. Color flowers as desired. You may want to stamp them in lagoon or a green instead and color in flowers. Another idea (which I had after they were all done!), would be to use sticky notes to create a “path” of flowers using the flower bouquet stamp. Making it wider under the sentiment and narrower towards the corner of the card…just a thought.
For the 5” x 7” card cut out on the cricut
Glue the white inside the damask cut out.
On the white inside Stamp the doily medallion in whisper, cut in half.
Stamp the chain stamp from Tweety stamp as “legs” for the table cloth (doily). Cut out the doily stamp and glue on top of “legs”.
Emboss in white daisy with prisma glitter mixed in the cake parts as shown on ruby, honey and lagoon paper. Cut out each cake layer and glue onto “table cloth”.
Stamp in cranberry the candle from the Artiste birthday stamps.

All that Glitters

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hearts amongst the fairies

As you probably know by now, I love sparkly things…if it glitters chances are, I love it! I FINALLY figured out how to make those really cool glitter ornaments from empty glass ornaments.

After trying reinkers and glitter, paint and glitter, just plain paint and, no thank you, I did not try pine sol and glitter (although that’s what I saw on Pinterest). Here’s what DID work:

hearts and fairies

Glimmer mist and colored glitter (you know, the kind you buy in little tubes?). Just spray the glimmer mist inside the glass ornament (I used about 5 squirts for each ornament), then sprinkle the glitter inside and roll around for good coverage). Leave it to dry overnight, then dump the excess glitter…voila!


I just love the results! Now I can start decorating for Valentine’s day!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, time is running out to grab the awesome Whoo’s Your Valentine kits for $10 from my website: overhobbied.ctmh.com. I need to buy candy for mine, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far…I can see using these stamps over and over again…a few hints, if you purchase a kit:

1) stamp before you put together
2) let the ink dry before putting the box together
3) use a quick drying glue and let each side dry before moving to the next
4) use your 1″ square and circle punches to add interesting dimension to your boxes!

Gingerbread Tree House

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Gingerbread Tree House Front

What a fun project this was…my gingerbread tree. It started as a club project in April of last year. The original project was designed by Pam Junk (are we seeing a pattern here?).

I didn’t get to finish it at the time, but wanted it done before Christmas. My BFF didn’t get hers finished either, as she had just returned from her honeymoon. So we FINALLY had time to do the gingerbread houses this past week…oh how much fun we had, although my balls kept falling off, the dog almost ate one of my balls and then when they were finally glued down, my balls were in the way! Angie kept breathing in the sparkle and choking on it as she glittered her limbs…and her face…and the floor and the dog!!! LOL!!!

So let me describe what you are seeing:

Gingerbread Tree House Inside

The inside:

The furniture is from a kit by Debbie Young (www.youngatheartminiatures.com). Sadly, she no longer makes this kit, I wish I had bought more! My favorite part of this kit is the babies in the bed…they are the little babies you buy in the cake baking section with their arms cut off so they will lie flat…Debbie has such a twisted sense of humor, but they do lay flat and look beautiful!!! LOL!!!

The Buffet mirror is by B.J. Critters (http://www.bjminis.com/secure/enter.html). The lighting is by Evans Designs (http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/ledlights1.html). I covered them in pearl pony beads. The one up top hangs down much lower because I couldn’t get it pulled up through the top enough. So I took a holly leaf brad and stuck it on the bottom of the pony beads…voila…Christmas themed ceiling fan!

I made the Christmas tree myself with some decorative embroidery floss and seed beads. The food on the tables is from Jan be Nimble (Jan McCandliss). The table and chairs are the cheap plastic furniture you buy by the set, painted silver with a scrapbooking candy sticker on top of the table and tiny gingham silk fabric for the chair cushions.

The snowman rug comes from the fabric store iron-on section. The lamps and cakes throughout the rest of the house are from various swaps. Sadly, I didn’t keep track of where each one came from. Thanks to all who provide those swaps and tote bag favors over the years. I will try to do better next time!

Gingerbread Tree Back

The outside:

The fake candy around the tree is from a garland I bought years ago at a clearance sale. I’ve been searching for another to no avail. The ice cream cone trees are ornaments I bought from walmart this year…they just SCREAMED to me in the store…I’m a Dr. Sues tree! The “icing” is a combination of modge podge and sheetrock spackle and some glitter. It does not pipe well (or maybe it was old, having been in my hobby room thru the summer heat) and we immediately suffered “blow outs” when we tried to pipe the goo…but it went on well with popsicle sticks…thank goodness!

The trees are also either Christmas village trees or Christmas ornaments (also from Walmart). The cute little teapot on top and the snowman are mysteries. They were just in my stash of future projects. The glittery small trees are scrapbook stickers as are the peppermint stepping stones. The archway over the door is also a scrapbook sticker and I used my Close to my Heart Stardust Glitter Gel (http://overhobbied.ctmh.com/Retail/Product.aspx?ItemID=5251&CatalogID=168) to enhance the sparkle around the doorways and windows. I like this product because it dries with some dimension to it and not just flat like most glitter glues.

The little clay-like sleighs and trees are miniature ornaments from some post Christmas sale. The small peppermints, lollipops and candies on the tree itself are all buttons and the ice cream bench is by BJ Miniatures (http://www.bjminis.com/secure/enter.html). I also added some glitter gel to the chocolate and whipped topping on the bench for additional sparkle!

The tree itself is foam core, cut with a scroll saw and then painted. The base is a standard cardboard cake base with a ribbon around the edge. The doors are from Grandt line (http://www.grandtline.com/products/arch/quarter/quarter_scale_architectural_doors.html) and are painted with traditional model car paints. You could spray paint them with a flat white paint and then use your regular acrylic paints on them as well.

This is a fun project. We plan to do it again next year, only in a different shape…maybe a house this time…or a train. Maybe we will have to visit some real gingerbread competitions for inspiration! Field trips…always fun!!! Have a very merry Christmas friends!

Gingerbread Tree ice cream bench

Scrapbooking Made SUPER EASY!

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Wow!!Did you all survive Thanksgiving?  I had a very blessed day with close family and friends.  I haven’t scrapbooked it yet, but I will soon.  You KNOW I already have the layout ready since some of you have the same layout – thank you for purchasing my kit!

Now, on to Studio J…the easiest way to scrapbook ever – the longest part is waiting for your pictures to load.  I figured from now on I will scrapbook most family events on Studio J, because when you purchase the layout, Studio J also sends you a large image to share (or print at home to 8”x8”) and a smaller image to post on web pages.

I started out just playing with my garden layouts…something I wasn’t going to be upset if it didn’t turn out well…well, here’s another hint…make sure you READ your journaling, not just spell check it…apparently spell check has never heard of hellebores flowers, so my layout will forever say hellbores (whatever the heck that is, right?).  Anyway, that layout went together so fast and was so much fun, I decided to do another.

This time it was my Dad’s old office…I really didn’t have the right paper for it and there it was on Studio J, so I picked the paper I wanted, then picked the layout I liked (Based on the number of pictures I wanted to use!!), then I dropped and dragged my photos, added some embellishments and journaling (you can actually swap picture blocks with journaling blocks and visa versa), added color to the existing embellishments and voila…added to my cart!  Here’s what that one looked like.

So I had to try some more:

The next one was my camping trip…I DID leave the names off and will add those at home because I knew I would want to share this with others…I love the embellishments with this paper pack…this is Florentine again…the same paper I used to create the fall mini album…love this paper!  Anyway, they have quotes and tags, so I used a few of those…and the birds on the second layout.  I added those too…very fun…and my camping buddies can have their own album if they want because I will share the jpeg sent to me by Studio J upon purchase of the printed page.

The final one is my favorite.  Not only is Halloween just a fun theme, but it was done the NEXT day…how often does THAT happen with your scrapbooking?  I think I’m getting better at it, what do you think?

If you’d like to give studio J a try, you can access it here:

www.overhobbied.ctmh.com then click the Studio J tab, create an account (so they can save your work for 90 days.  If you order, they save those layouts for a full year.).  Can’t wait to see the printed version…or can I…what will I do with all my scrapbook paper if they are AWESOME?!?!?


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